Leveraging New Technologies and Killer Content to Succeed in Marketing


Presentation to the American Marketing Association-Inland Empire on April 17th, 2013.

jonburgess-linkedinbw[1]I’m honored to be speaking at AMA, addressing a very challenging subject, “Leveraging New Technologies and Killer Content to Succeed in Marketing.” Seems like a daunting task and maybe too much to bite off, but there is a compelling story already written, and a path to follow.

So, the real challenge in my mind is, “Have you captured your market online yet?” I believe we, as marketers, need to accept that we are standing on a bluff, looking at what may be the last online land grab, where “Information Based Marketing” is king. I believe the window is closing. It may be a couple of years: it may only be months: it may be that you already lost and don’t know it.

So, I’ll answer a lot of questions, and probably seed more questions in your head; but you must accept the online market place on its own terms.

Your marketing department must find its direction now! So join me tomorrow, I’d love to see you.

I’ll leave you with some evidence to ponder, and give you the answers in my presentation.

Marketing Evidence A.

By their own acknowledgement, greater than HALF of marketers lack resources to handle new marketing technologies and tactics.

In a February 2013 survey in “Marketing News,” the official publication of the American Marketing Association, the question was asked, “Is your marketing team equipped to succeed?”

  • Only 22% strongly agreed that they have the people to meet the organization’s marketing objectives.
  • Only 17% strongly agreed that they have a marketing team that was well equipped to handle new technologies and trends.

So, that means 78% somewhat disagree or strongly disagree that they have the team to meet their online marketing objectives, and 83% somewhat disagree or strongly disagree that they have the technology expertise.

Marketing Evidence B.

Market Leader! By definition, if you lead your market, you win. And, the fact is, if you don’t lead online, you may not be the market leader at all in the future.

Profit Impact of Market Strategy (PIMS Principle) states that market leaders have proven that they were able to:

  • Charge more for the same goods
  • Grow 2x as fast
  • Pick up 6% market share/yr
  • Show 12% higher returns on sales

Profit impact of competitive strength

  • Market leadership pays: be number one or number two in your served market.
  • Competing on quality is better than competing on price.

Marketing Evidence C.

Online it is simple. Google tells us to be two things.

  1. Be expert
  2. Be authorities

So, our challenge as Marketers:

  1. Build Content, Expertise, Context, Technology, People, Analytics!
  2. Understand the market and tactics.
  3. Dominate your market, today!

Join me – http://www.ama-ie.com

Take care,

Jon Burgess
Digital Marketing Consultant