AMA 2018

Hi there!  We hope you found our AMA-Inland Empire content valuable, as promised here are the links to the stories.

If you are looking table colleague Aaron Norris, he can be found at The Norris Group.

Owned Relations – The idea that your organization is:

  1. The owner of expert, authoritative and trustworthy content.
  2. Benefits from owned knowledge, valuing its placement and distribution.
  3. Own relationships, treating relationships the way they want to be treated.

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Hyperlocal News Domination – The Process for Posting PR for Digital Value

What is the Goal of your Content?
The goal of content should be simple – it needs to be an authoritative piece on something of value.

  1. Content MUST to be authoritative
  2. It should fit your site’s content topics and focus
  3. You must curate content for better performance
  4. BONUS – it should be shareable

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