Jon Burgess

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We start with a relationship. Then we help build expert, authoritative and trustworthy content, so our clients can grow.

– Jon Burgess

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Student at the University of Redlands? Connect with with Jon here, University of Redlands

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Jonathan M. Burgess, M.B.A.

Jon’s entrepreneurial quest started at birth. Born to an owner of 5 shoe stores, spent hours playing in shoe boxes at “Old Soft Shoe.”  Later he licked stamps to mail out marketing surveys.

He ran fast, played hard and grew into a competitor.

At 16 he started cleaning the toilets and throwing out the chemicals from the digital processor at the, “Stratus Group,” a group of designers, advertisers and marketers.

In 1998, he built a website for Burgess Management Group. Wham-bam-smash, all of a sudden RedFusion Media was born.


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Strategic Marketing
A decade and a half of building and executing marketing campaigns.
Inbound Marketing
Sure, he has Inbound Certifications, but he also can explain WHY inbound marking matters to your business
Content & Search Engine Optimization
SEO follows the real king, content. He’ll show you how building content that wins at SEO
Web Design
Literally Jon has contributed to more than 500+ websites. He’ll have a strong and proven opinion about how you can grow your traffic. Or, he will be brutally honest, and tell you the cause is hopeless and you need another plan.


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Jon teaches marketing strategy, social media and internet marketing at the University of Redlands.
Jon rose to the National Board of the American Advertising Federation, and has judged numerous American Advertising Awards competitions.
Need a speaker on Integrated marketing, Digital marketing, or business practices, Jon will engage your audience.


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Jon, pictured in black and white from last century, in a “Redlands Daily Fact” article about websites and RedFusion Media.


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The more official bio – for those who care.

Jonathan M. Burgess, MBA

Jon Burgess has spent more than fifteen years as a marketing consultant serving primarily B2B and industrial companies with fewer than 250 employees.

As a co-founder of RedFusion Media, he specializes in weaving strategic and integrated marketing activities together to maximize his clients’ marketing and branding efforts, growth and to improve their customer relationships.

Jon has served locally, regionally and on the national board of the America Advertising Federation. He regularly speaks about integrated marketing, niche marketing, inbound marketing and small business. Since 2012, he has lecturers at his alma mater the University of Redlands on Marketing Analytics, Social Media and Internet Marketing

Jon holds a BA in Business Administration and MBA from the University of Redlands.