Ron & Jon Burgess interview by ‘My Awesome Empire’

My Awesome Empire Interview with RedFusion

Ron Burgess answering why business need to find a crack in the market.

Ron Burgess answering why businesses need to find a crack in the market.

On April 11th, Ron and Jon Burgess of RedFusion were honored to be interviewed for a segment on ‘My Awesome Empire.’

Executive producer, Lacey Kendall said, “RedFusion has been one of the Inland Empire’s most important marketing and advertising agencies for years.”

California State University San Bernardino communication studies student, Erin Campbell asked us to describe RedFusion Media and talk about some of our thoughts on marketing and small businesses in the Inland Empire.

You can listen here:

About My Awesome Empire

This week (4/11-4/17) on My Awesome Empire…we meet the Burgess Family of Red Fusion Media. Their family is dedicated to helping small businesses in the Inland Empire succeed, And one of Upland’s greatest kids tells us why that city is her favorite.  Plus – the founder of the Rancho Cucamonga based Youth Mentoring Action Network since 2007, her program has had a 100% success rate in getting troubled kids to college.

My Awesome Empire is an upbeat, musically charged program produced entirely by students on the campus of Cal State San Bernardino that celebrates the business, volunteers, and kid heroes of the Inland Empire.

In 2014, Cal State San Bernardino’s Coyote Radio students snagged top honors at the National Golden Mic Awards in New York City for the program, “My Awesome Empire” syndicated radio show.

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