Inbound Digital Marketing

Inbound Digital Marketing

  • Have you been challenged in growing your business online through inbound marketing campaigns
  • Are your inbound marketing campaigns attracting more prospects to your website through quality content?
  • Is your business growing?

Small businesses have traditionally had a very hard time leveraging their website for creating leads and converting them to customers.  Do you have a digital marketing campaign that builds your B2B or small business?  Do you know you need to do online marketing but just can’t pull all the pieces together?

Solution, have RedFusion Media automate and tie all of your online marketing into your website, increasing traffic, improving your sales funnels, building your share and understanding of your niche market, and building a lead generation system that converts.

funnel2Steps in the Digital Funnel

  1. Get Found
  2. Convert to Prospects and Leads
  3. Analyze your marketing execution

How can your Business use Inbound Marketing?


First, you need to be found online.  Google & Bing searches the world for organizations that are authoritative and recommended.  Those who win, have communicated a story that is not only genuine but considered better than it’s peers.


RedFusion Media’s Inbound marketing program uses proven tactics to convey your marketing story.

  • Content Creation through Blogging and Press Releases
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media
  • Content marketing through authoritative publishing, like whitepapers, webinars and other outlets

2. Convert & Nurture

circlesEngage your visitors on your website with highly targeted and specific content that encourages them to take the next action.  Their engagement creates a path to qualifying them as a prospect or customers, allowing your team to focus on the most convertible sales leads.


  • Calls to Action, that create personalized and meaningful steps in the sales funnel
  • Landing Pages for targeting keywords and increasing form submission
  • Custom Forms to gather information at different depths of the sales cycle
  • Email Marketing, from targeted, segmented marketing lists for specific calls to action or digital newsletters
  • Lead Nurturing, through timed communications
  • Marketing Automation with smart systems that lead your prospect to becoming customers

3. Analyze

Only through reviewing what your traffic, leads, prospects and customers have done on your site can you make appropriate changes in your marketing course.  Use our powerful tools to follow visitors from start to finish.

Analyze Key Website Metrics

  • Website visitors, Leads, Customers
  • Conversion Rates
  • Benchmarkting
  • Content Performance

Compare your stats versus your competitors

  • Are you getting as many website visitors as your peers?
  • Are you creating as many leads as your competitors?
  • Are you building a competitive marketing plan?