Build a better performing website using proven Search Engine Optimization processes

Classic SEO Marketing.

By Jon Burgess – April 28th 2008

This post about SEO was published in 2008, and as I re-read this in 2015, it was pretty spot on (then). That said, there has been a fairly seismic shift in Google. MSN doesn’t even exist anymore for one.  While this is pretty correct we suggest you read some our newer thoughts on SEO and content marketing.

Build a better performing website using proven Search Engine Optimization processes

What is Search Engine Optimization, or SEO?

At RedFusion Media, we believe there are some very specific steps, tactics, and skills that go into the development of websites that are highly ranked in search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the term the web industry has given the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website page.

How does a search engine like Google, Yahoo, and MSN rank my pages?

There are billions of pages on the internet, and there are probably thousands of pages that are in your business niche, so search engines use intelligent algorithms to rank all of the pages on the internet. Since Google came on the scene, they have single handedly driven the search industry by using smarter technologies, and if you cannot be found in Google, you are not going to be relevant. You can feel confident that we know how Google works at RedFusion Media.

Google reads your page, they decide what its topic is, and then they compare it to every single page in the world. From that they “Page Rank” (give it a numerical value between 1 and 10) your page, and when a keyword phrase is searched, they match it to the most authoritative page in the world, followed by the pages that are less authoritative.

What goes into building pages that are successful in search engines?

The most important part of search engine optimization is that you must build pages structurally correct in HTML or other languages. There are many specific things that must be done correctly for search engine spiders to find and properly classify your pages. WARNING, Never higher an “SEO specialist or company” that does not have control of your website, they will not be able to build the code correctly to effectively compete on keywords.

The second part of SEO is the content, which is really text. We have said since we started in 1998, that “Content is King”, and really that is more true today than ever. Writing the content is important, but it is easier than you think, no real tricks just do it. We have a staff that understands how to write copy for highly ranked SEO pages. I like to think back to my days in high school English and say, “Would I get an A on this paper?” If you can get your scary-mean-old high school English teacher to give you an A, then you can get an A in Search Engine Optimization in our book too.

The third part of great pages? Well other people need to link to your pages. Website page ranks are about authority, so it is the same as the real world. If your friend “highly recommends” a doctor, you place much more trust in that fact, than if a drunk at the end of a bar recommends a doctor. The old phrase, “it is who you know,” is really a parallel of success on the internet of “who is linking to your pages”.

The final question, can RedFusion Media show us their success on SEO?

YES. We have built more than 300 websites, we control them from top to bottom, and we can show you where our client’s sites rank, we can tell you what that means to their traffic, and what they can do to increase it. Not only are we good at it, we have a complete team of writers, editors, designers, programmers, and webmasters that understand that we cannot compromise the aesthetic of a website at the cost of SEO.

Still want more? We have many blog entries on the Search Engine Optimization, so feel free to look around.