Amazon’s New Push-Button Delivery

Shortening the Customer Ordering Process

by Ron Burgess

We are working with many of our clients to mitigate the “Amazon Shift” taking place in most product distribution channels. Amazon just announced the latest benchmark, another step to shorten the customer ordering process. Called “Amazon Dash, (or Dash-Replenishment) a small Wi-Fi device connects the customer to their account for immediate shipment.

Placed next to the product storage area, or in a convenient place, just push the button and another unit is ordered (such as paper towels, detergent, coffee filters) and placed on your next home delivery shipment.

While auto replenishment systems are not entirely new, Amazon will add scale to the concept, and become the warehouse and delivery system for many companies such as Brother’s Printer Ink replacement system.

RedFusion is working with clients to strategically mitigate the channel disruption caused by Amazon and others using the Internet and fast delivery systems. The Amazon Dash program, like its innovative Kindle, and Fire TV, will likely add one more advantage to Amazon Prime program that helps block competitors. When the button is pushed, the manufacturer’s specified product is delivered only by Amazon’s system. This adds another level of stickiness and fulfills five, of the ten differentiators listed in my book, “Finding Your Crack in the Market.” They are convenience, changing attributes, better service, customization, and faster turnaround. That makes this a phenomenal innovation compared to most innovations.

This will likely be accepted as cute gadget and is a very serious next step in the physical manifestation of the Internet, some call the Internet of things”. How will this next development in the Amazon Shift affect your company? Get our white paper “The New Online Paradigm: Channel Disruption.”