Marketing In Tough Times – Review Your Website & Communications

Marketing In Tough Times – Review Your Website & Communications

Part 3 of 8, by Ron Burgess

You have resolved to prioritize time and money for your marketing budget next year. Good. Now we’ll prepare to move your business forward.

Content & story tellingExecuting the entire marketing process is somewhat daunting, which is why so few small businesses get it done. This short blog will not fully discuss the process, although if you have the inclination to learn more, we will provide resources each week to cover the full process.

What we will do instead, directly in this column, is provide guidance on getting the essential things done, and focus on long term and shorter term changes on how to promote your business.

First we must discuss your website

While we have built over 500 websites, we also print hundreds of thousands of pieces for clients each year. We do hundreds of press releases, and dozens of direct mail programs and email blasts. So, while you may see us as a website company, this is not at all accurate. We are more like your marketing department for hire.

We do not have a bias toward the web. Our one motivation is for our clients to grow and prosper.

Back to the web – specifically your website.

A decade ago, having a website was essential, as it is today. But now, with billions of websites and blogs around the world, just the existence of a website means little more than having a brochure on your front desk. The only people who see it are the ones who already know who you are. The most efficient marketing thing most of you can do is to add content to your website (building your PageRank). But of our customers, more than 50% percent of you have not made a change or addition to your website in several years!

Half of you have only made a few changes or added a page. And only about 10% of you are constantly reviewing, updating, and (most importantly) adding new content each quarter. If you are not growing, updating, communication (part of innovation to your customers), your site is dying.

SEO - Search Engine OptimizationGoogle actually downgrades your search results if you don’t make additions to the site! Building pages on your site helps you improve your SEO. Despite our efforts to inform you of this need, that “Content is King”, so far we have not changed your priorities on this. If this sounds self serving (us trying to increase our business), recognize that all businesses must build content online, period. Our goal is for your business to grow and prosper. We built our business making website changes, and dozens and dozens of you have content management sites where YOU can do it yourself, but it still isn’t happening. We can help.

(We can generally post a new page for about $25. At this price, it’s not a big money maker for us and your content management system will never pay for that capability you bought, unless you really start posting new content.)

Action Items:

  1. Review your website for accuracy, email the changes to us.
  2. Review your website for completeness, and make a list of what you need to write or prepare.
  3. Write ONE new page on a topic that relates to your specialty. Note – we will edit for you, if you need it. If you are not confident in your writing skill, hire a writer or send it to us.

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