Integrating Mobile Media into your Marketing Plan

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Reach today’s larger audience by integrating mobile media into your marketing plan.

July, 2011 – Jon Burgess

Google_Mobile-1500What is Mobile Media?

Mobile Media is the current and future of marketing and communications for all businesses. Each year, more and more people are aquiring smart phones and using them for shopping, research, finding places to eat, locating stores, etc…the list goes on and on – and continues to grow every single year. How often do you see people in public with their phones out? According to Nielsen Company in early 2011, there are 83.2 million mobile phone web users and 228 million total mobile phone users in the United States alone. The top 10 mobile phones being purchased are all smartphones. 1 in 3 searches done on a mobile device are local searches!

What is a Mobile Device?

A mobile device can be any smartphone like an iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or Windows phone, or a tablet computer such as the iPad or Xoom.

What can I do to compete in the field of Mobile Media?

There are a number of things to do, to begin competing in the realm of Mobile Media. Having a website for your business is still important, but not all mobile browsers on smartphones can read websites – or read them well.

Having a mobile website built for your business is the most strategic move you can make. A mobile website will allow smartphone users to easily navigate your site, your products/services, find your physical location(s), and even call your business right from their phone! You can also link to videos or your social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

It is also a bonus to Google and the other search engines when you have a mobile website, along with your traditional website.