42% of Internet users say they are motivated to begin an online search after viewing a television ad.

Ron Burgess – October, 2009

A new study of the web and TV ads indicates that a company’s website may be the benefactor of some “organic” traffic from TV advertising. While recalling an ad is difficult for most potential buyers, in increasing numbers many make online searches after seeing an ad that peaks their interest in a product.

This is a great by-product of your TV advertising. But, does the prospect find YOUR site? Add Pay-per-click search advertising and capture those prospects searching for you. Call Jon or Molly (909)798-7092 to discuss how we can assist your targeted online ads.

Television advertising and search advertising support each other, increasing their effectiveness and your results. The best advertising campaigns often involve a mix of TV advertising and Search.

“Not every consumer (who watches a TV spot) is going to call now or go online to find more. But instead, they organically “remember” the next day and then decide to search about whatever the TV commercial stimulated,” stated Lynn Fantom, CEO, Interpublic Group’s ID Media.

This information and research was provided by SpotRunner.com

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