RedFusion Media Listed With Top Design Firms

The recent Business Press List of Web Design firms in Southern California’s Inland Empire ranked RedFusion Media as number two, based on number of employees. The Web Design list has just been added by The Business Press. “We didn’t know of other firms like ours, but we really didn’t have any way to tell how we stacked up against others in the area,” states Molly Burgess, of RedFusion Media, “its nice to know.”

The largest company listed was an agency in the low desert. Because the ranking was based on number of employees, and not actual web design and Internet business, it is unclear who might be doing more web business. RedFusion derives the majority of its revenue strictly from web design, website content maintenance and Internet marketing.

The web business has fractured into several types of companies today as the Internet turns a teenager (13 years old) next year. “Originally every one tried to do everything,” states Jon Burgess, Internet manger at RedFusion, “hosting, email, dial-up (now broadband) design, updates, news and directories. Now most specialize in broadband, hosting, news, or web design.”

RedFusion Media specializes in the website; design, content creation and maintenance. Unlike the early days of Internet where companies just put the basic information on line, now the website is becoming the center of corporate communications. It’s a big job, and most smaller organizations don’t have designers, writers, editors, and technical people required for the more intense use of the website. Outsourcing one or all of these jobs is the niche that RedFusion Media fills. This is economical for websites up to about 1000 pages before in-house costs makes sense.

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