Consumers Still Like to Get Mail the Traditional Way

Molly Burgess, December 2005

How many offers for credit have you torn up today?
Ever wonder why your mailbox is saturated with offers for credit cards? The answer is simple: “because direct mailing works!”

While online advertising has taken the lead in many markets, credit card applicants are still responding strongly to direct mail solicitations. A recent study by ComScore Networks for the U.S. Postal Service determined that consumers typically respond more positively to direct mail than to online advertising in this particular arena.

ComScore’s conclusions were based on a pop-up survey appearing to online applicants, which revealed that direct mailings were responsible for more than 13 million of the 35 million online credit card applications in 2004. Prospecting appears to be most successful when done through the mail. ComScore included that signing up online is most often the end-result of consumers reading offers that arrive in their mailbox.

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