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How do I submit my website to Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing?

Part of our marketing classics, posted 3/7/2005 – (We currently don’t worry about submitting sites anymore. Search engines find your site on their own.)

Submitting your site to search engine is a MUST! (in 2005) Why? Well, if you’re not on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing (MSN or Microsoft), then you’re not being found by most of the people on the Internet. On mature websites, the traffic from the major search engines and directories accounts for more than 25% of day-to-day traffic, and some times it’s much more.

How much does it cost? Submitting your site is free. There are companies that will charge you for submitting your site to “millions” of search engines, but that’s just a waste of time and money. There’s no reason why you can’t submit your site right now, in the next few moments.

How do you do it? Well, if you can read, you can do it. Below are a few links to the largest search engines, Yahoo, Google, and Bing. The links lead you right to the submission information. Just follow the instructions and you’ll be on your way.

Are there any guarantees? The simple answer is, NO. Search engines will add your site based on a number of criteria, and sometimes your site will not qualify. If you would like to learn more about successfully building a mobile rich, SEO friendly website, so that your customers can find you, contact one of our marketing experts.

Getting Started On Your Own
The Big Three – Google – Yahoo – Bing

GoogleAdd your URL to Google

Google is the king of the Internet search engine hill, and we believe that focusing on how Google ranks your page, will lead you in the right direction for success with the rest of the large search engines. Google uses an algorithm to rank your pages, and the most important pieces in this ranking: the structure of the site, your website content, and links from other sites to your site.

Yahoo! -Yahoo runs from Bing’s data, so submitting to Bing will be enought to get your found on Yahoo.

BingSubmit your site to Bing Search.

The Rest…

There are still hundreds of directories and search engines you can submit your site too. In our opinion the time is not worth the traffic. But if you wish to submit your site to them, then each of them have specific instructions.

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