Java Script Email Scrambler

A post from 2004, but still true today.

In today’s underground culture of SPAM, the most used technique to harvest emails is by looking at websites. Spiders run through the web collecting any code that has a name, an “@” sign, and a domain at the end. Thus, the SPAM lists are created from your own attempts to do business on the web.

There are some solutions. 

1. Don’t put your email on the web. But that is an impracticable solution for anyone wanting to do business on the web.

2. Code your email into a script that the spiders can’t read.

Below, I have included the code to place into your sites anytime you want to hide your email. If you read it, it looks much like a high school algebra problem. It takes your variables and combines them into a script that works. Spiders looking to harvest your email skate right past it and on to the next website.

In order to use the script. Copy it, and paste it into your code at the point you want an email address to appear. Change out the variables that include your email.

b: The name of your email, i.e. Jon, Webmaster, Info.

f: The title of the viewable html link, i.e. Email Me, Your Name, Webmaster.

the second b+: The domain you are using.

alt: Your alt tag, i.e. What some would see if they hover over the link.

Still have problems?  Call your webmaster and ask them.

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