Coordinate Your Promotional Schedule with your Web Presence

by Molly Burgess, November 3, 2003 – Redlands, California

In an informal survey of our clients, we find that well over half do not regularly list their website address in advertising, brochures, and stationery. This is a simple and free enhancement to your overall promotional activities.

Some business owners and managers mistakenly de-emphasize the importance of their website to the overall sales cycle, and the web’s appeal to certain customer groups.

Key customers for many businesses, the 13 to 34 year old “millennial generation,” now spends more time on-line than watching television. This group spends an amazing 15% of their income on-line, and the Internet influence on sales is up to 65% of the $149 billion they spend.

A separate study found that 58% use the Internet when looking for a new home

The Internet has been over-hyped as a new lead generator, but its place in the mid-sales cycle process is gaining momentum as both the tech savvy young and salesperson adverse boomers prefer to check out the company or product online, instead of talking to the sales department.

Ample information on your website, geared toward customer decision making, with easy-to-find phone numbers and email addresses, leads to more inquiries and sales.

To add value to your overall promotion, save money on mailers by using well designed post cards to drive prospects to the website or your telephone. You can set up a special web portal page to support the offer, so you can measure how many people looked at it from the post card.

Be sure your business name and website domain are registered with search engines, and if your business is local, reserve some ad money for local, high traffic directory sites such as InlandEmpire.US.

Stretch your ad and promotional dollars by coordinating your website more closely with existing traditional marketing, and increase your exposure with its cross-media potential.