The New SEO

RedFusion takes a very pragmatic and data-driven approach to SEO.

We don’t do SEO.

What? That sounds like the worst pitch ever for SEO.

Well, it is. But we need to tell you the truth. The 2005 version SEO you are wanting us to do is dead and gone. Truth be told, SEO is only focused on optimization. It is not focused on the basics of good communication or solid coding. SEO is not about building – it is about tweaking.

Your cranky English teacher from high school is better at SEO than the professionals!

Your cranky English teacher from high school is better at SEO than the rest of the world.

What do we do?

We build. Building content is based on data and real world results. We do follow some SEO writing techniques, but really just the basics. We also don’t screw up your site with black-hat tactics.

Content is the fuel your website needs to grow. We don’t tweak, we don’t nitpick over a dot here or moving an image there. Fact is, the only way to increase traffic is to prove you deserve more traffic. We help you write expert, authoritative and trusted content.

I like to say, “we write content that your 12th grade English teacher would be proud of.” Sounds a bit odd, but the structure of writing a paper for a cranky high school instructor who uses words like “past-participle” and “onomatopoeia” is exactly what Google loves to read. Think of Google as a wrinkly old English teacher who doesn’t want to put up with your crap, but also is proud when you use the correct form of they’re (I’m not talking about you Ms. White, you were the best teacher ever!)

Focusing on SEO gets you stuck in the mud. Not building content means you have no fuel to get out of the mud. Your site will not grow. You will not increase sales. You will eventually lose all of your traffic. You will die in the mud wondering why optimizing your site didn’t work.

So, if you want to learn more about getting out of the mud, fill out the form to the right.