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By the Numbers – Customer Data

8/13/15 – Every business owner would like to have a better understanding of customers, but few really have solid up-to-date data at their fingertips. Smaller companies are having trouble gathering and analyzing data, while large companies are struggling with massive quantities of data and how to connect the dots.

In a recent survey on customer data collection 57% of businesses said they are collecting data, but 50% also say they are having trouble connecting data to customer profiles.[1]

Smaller companies are in worse shape; many do not have any customer data other than sales receipts (perhaps sales by department etc.). Continue Reading.

Sales + Marketing = SMarketing

6/25/15 – Modern day and Inbound marketing strategies should implement SMARKETING, the combined efforts of both your marketing and sales team to generate leads, nurture leads and close customers.

Today, many companies have a hard time connecting the sales and marketing teams together, here are some ideas for creating a modern “Smarketing Department.”

Create a Lead Qualifying Process

Creating a lead qualifying process for your company is important and will help you determine when to send qualified leads to the sales team. The qualifying process helps align the marketing goals to the sales quotas. Continue Reading.

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