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Marketing in 2016…and Beyond

Businesses, housing prices, the stock market all run in cycles. Marketing runs in cycles too. And in 2015, not too much changed from 2014, but at the same time we believe we have entered into a period where the cycle has looped back to a traditional marketing approach. Many of the new words or jargon many be fresh, but we are seeing the same traditional, proven marketing tactics. [1]

For two decades, marketers and businesses have been chasing change: always trying new things, cool ideas, thinking that bleeding edge technology may be the answer. But, in the last few years, the sparkling new ideas have slowed their growth. Marketing has calmed, and the Internet storm has passed.

In 2016 and beyond, we see clear sailing ahead for marketers and businesses.

Seems simple, maybe too simple for most marketers and business owners to swallow, so we’ll layout the trends.

  1. Google has hit a “sweet spot”
  2. Mobile has matured, but  AMP is coming
  3. Build
  4. Funnel
  5. E-A-T
  6. Reputation

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Jon Burgess Wins Agency Professional of the Year

Jon Burgess honored as “Agency Professional of the Year” at the Inland Empire Media Awards Gala on October 15th at the Mission Inn in Riverside.

The “Agency Professional of the Year” is given to an individual from the Inland Empire who works in advertising, marketing or public relations, and provides outstanding services and professionalism to the Inland Empire, beyond the normal requirements of their position. Read full story.

Sales + Marketing = SMarketing

6/25/15 – Modern day and Inbound marketing strategies should implement SMARKETING, the combined efforts of both your marketing and sales team to generate leads, nurture leads and close customers.

Today, many companies have a hard time connecting the sales and marketing teams together, here are some ideas for creating a modern “Smarketing Department.”

Create a Lead Qualifying Process

Creating a lead qualifying process for your company is important and will help you determine when to send qualified leads to the sales team. The qualifying process helps align the marketing goals to the sales quotas. Continue Reading.

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