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Finding Your Crack in the Market

by Ron Burgess May 1st – Release of the Book. Finding Your Crack in the Market: Secrets to Marketing Niche Dominance and Small Business Success. The secret to small business success is not what Fortune 500 companies or highly paid business coaches say.  It isn’t that your company is simply better at something. It […]

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2014 Inland Empire Manufacturers’ Summit – Millennial Presentation

Inland Empire Manufacturers’ Summit February 21st, 2014 – Presentation by Jon Burgess of RedFusion Media Breakout Session Highlight – Click Here to Download Slides. The Millennial Workforce Transition Discussed at Inland Empire Manufacturers’ Summit The Millennial Generation (also known as the Y Generation), as every new generation comes of age, is a topic of some angst […]

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Consider the Privilege of Working

By Molly Gardner Burgess, President, RedFusion Media, Inc. Often, friends and relatives react with comments of extreme sympathy when they learn that I am working on the weekend or a holiday. ‘That’s terrible!’ ‘I’m so sorry to hear that,’ and ‘You need to take some time off for yourself,’ is the resounding cry. But, I […]