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Aesthetics and Design

By Ron Burgess – October, 2002 Aristotle observed, “It all starts with the eye.” Every time a buyer makes a decision, it is a multi-sensory experience. Aristotle observed that, “It all starts with the eye.” Meaning that before we process information about a product, determine the integrity of the salesman , or considering the price […]

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6 Tips for Businesses Sailing Through Entrepreneurial Seas

Marketing Classic – by Ron Burgess Originally published August 9th, 1996, in the Inland Empire Business Journal, but two decades later this story is still well targeted for any Entrepreneurial business. Read more of our marketing classics, and one of our newer posts on “Content Marketing IS Traditional Marketing” “Although we cannot control the winds […]

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Classics: Techno-Marketing

Marketing Classics (And they mostly came true) Yes, Techno-Marketing, Ron said it in August 1995. This is a intriguing read, looking back at what Ron Burgess thought about the future of marketing. Funny part about “Techno-marketing” is I think Ron coined the word for the marketing industry. I searched the deeper web, found one post about the […]