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Truth in SEO

Truth in SEO. By Jon Burgess I get lots of questions about search engine optimization (SEO): what to do, how to do it, what is it, does it work? I rarely get questions about the dark side of SEO, what we call black-hat SEO. If I were to be asked those questions they would be: […]

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Amazon’s New Push-Button Delivery

Shortening the Customer Ordering Process by Ron Burgess We are working with many of our clients to mitigate the “Amazon Shift” taking place in most product distribution channels. Amazon just announced the latest benchmark, another step to shorten the customer ordering process. Called “Amazon Dash,” (or Dash-Replenishment) a small Wi-Fi device connects the customer to their account […]

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Marketing in 2016…and Beyond

by Jon Burgess – 12/30/15 Note to readers. This story is 1,900 words on marketing, so we have added “+Expand” links within sections, so you can skim, or expand the sections to find more content. Have a great 2016! – Jon Businesses, housing prices, the stock market all run in cycles. Marketing runs in cycles too. […]

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Content Marketing IS Traditional Marketing

by Jon Burgess – 9/18/15 I’ve read too many posts, tweets and statements from marketing pundits who say that content marketing is somehow new or revolutionary. A statement on “Traditional Marketing is less effective…use content marketing” Content marketing & traditional Marketing  – I don’t like this message, it is delivered by a sales guy, not a […]

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Marketing by the Numbers – Customer Data

Gaining a better understanding of customers through marketing data. By Ron Burgess 8/13/15 Smaller companies are having trouble gathering and analyzing data, while large companies are struggling with massive quantities of data and how to connect the dots. In a recent survey on customer data collection 57% of businesses said they are collecting data, but 50% […]

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Natural and Paid Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Options for Your Website: SEO and PPC

Search Engine Marketing Search Engine Marketing (SEM) refers to online marketing techniques brands use to create a strong web presence on search engines results, get in front of the target audience and increase website traffic. Website traffic can come from two kinds of search engine results – natural (organic) search, which uses search engine optimization (SEO) […]