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Getting Back Links

Active Methods We consider active sourcing as any method where you are pro-actively going out to acquire incoming links. Some of these methods do involve paying but not all: Tier 1 Directory submission – has to be done and be prepared to pay for it. Yahoo! Directory, DMOZ and are the three that I always […]

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Online Advertising Continues to Surge Revenues forecasted to top $12 billion for 2005

Online Advertising Continues to Surge By Margaret Donahue-Rippetue During 2005, online advertising revenue may cross a record $12 billion, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers’ New Media Group. In the third quarter, according to DM News (Nov. 22, 2005), revenue jumped 33.9 percent, the highest quarter ever reported (the first and second quarters […]

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How Does DNS Work?

Marketing Tools How Does DNS Work? By Jon Burgess – January 2005 The essential system which allows a Domain Name to direct customers to your web site is depicted on the right. This diagram shows a request made by a customer’s web browser as they attempt to log onto your site. 1. To determine which […]

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Website Search Engine Submission

How do I submit my website to Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing? Part of our marketing classics, posted 3/7/2005 – (We currently don’t worry about submitting sites anymore. Search engines find your site on their own.) Submitting your site to search engine is a MUST! (in 2005) Why? Well, if you’re not on search engines […]